Southampton: The ultimate FIFA 17 guide

Christmas is upon us, which means one thing, football fans up and down the country will be finally getting their hands on their own copy of FIFA 17, if they haven’t already.

With all the festive football going on, you may feel that you can do a better job than some of the Premier League bosses out there, so why not have a crack in Career Mode?

Embed from Getty Images

Many of you will have had your tactics and summer signings planned out for months in notebooks and on the back of any piece of paper to hand. However, you can never be too prepared. With that in mind we have been putting together comprehensive guides for some of the best teams to take on in the virtual world.

One side who will be a challenge for a manager of any level are Southampton, off the back of two record-breaking seasons it is a tough task to continue the progression, without the added complication of the club having sold their top talents once again.

You take the helm at a crucial point in the history of the club, with a European group stage on the horizon for the first time in the club’s history.

If you decide to take on this challenge then we’ve got your back! Here is the complete guide to Southampton on FIFA 17…


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